Programming Contest

CCSCNE Programming Contest Information and Policies


See CCSCNE 2023.


Teams will be evaluated by how many problems they can correctly complete, with ties broken by the amount of time taken.

Team Composition:

Each team may have up to three undergraduate students from a college or university. If space permits multiple teams can come from the same college or university. Team composition does not need to be finalized until the competition.

Contest Time:

April 14th 9am – Noon. The contest is held concurrently with the conference workshops and before the paper sessions.

Conduct of the Contest:

  • Solutions to problems submitted for judging are called runs. Each run is
    judged as accepted or rejected by a judge, and the team is notified of the results.
  • Public notification of accepted runs may be suspended at an appropriate time to keep the final
    results secret. The submitting team will still be notified of acceptance or rejection.
    A general announcement to that effect will be made during the contest.
  • A contestant may submit a claim of ambiguity or error in a problem statement by submitting
    a clarification request to a judge. If the judges agree that an ambiguity or error exists,
    a clarification will be issued to all contestants.
  • Contestants are not to converse with anyone except members of their team and contest
  • While the contest is scheduled for a particular time length, 3 hours, the judges have
    the authority to alter the length of the contest in the event of unforeseen difficulties.
    Should the contest duration be altered, every attempt will be made to notify contestants
    in a timely and uniform manner.
  • A team may be disqualified by the judges for any activity that jeopardizes the contest such
    as dislodging extension cords, unauthorized modification of contest materials, or distracting behavior.
  • The programming contest languages are Java and C/C++.
  • Teams are allowed to bring printed reference materials, but no outside electronics are allowed in the contest. Internet access during the contest is also prohibited.
  • Submissions, and all communication, between the teams and the judges will occur via the contest software.
  • Each team will use a single workstation.
  • Except where noted, rules for the contest are similar to the ACM Programming Contest rules.

Scoring of the Contest:

  • A problem is solved when it is accepted by the judges. The judges are solely responsible
    for accepting or rejecting submitted runs.
  • Teams are ranked by the number of problems solved, with ties broken in favor of the lowest total time used.
  • The time taken to solve a problem is measured from the start of the contest to the submission of the accepted run. Teams are not penalized for incorrect submissions.
  • The winners of the contest will be announced at the Conference Banquet.

Registration Information

  • Space is limited, so registration will be done on a first-come first-serve basis for a school’s first teams until March 27th.
  • Space permitting, after March 27th second team requests will be considered. Each team is required to have a separate advisor.
  • A team’s registration is not confirmed until payment is received.
  • The team registration fee is $230 and is non-refundable. The team registration includes registration for each of the student participants, but does not include registration for the faculty advisor.
  • Each team must have a registered faculty advisor attending the conference.

Team Registration Instructions:


  1. Send an email to to reserve a slot for your team.
  2. Confirmation will be sent within a day with your status: slot reserved or waiting list.
  3. Once a team slot has been reserved register online at:


If you have other questions email: